Going Out Of Flea Market Business.
Selling in large lots or the whole works of over 800 DVD's,400 CD's,App. 35 fishing rods,45 reels plus many parts reels and rods for repair.Very large amount of fishing tackle of all sorts in plastic trays,over 50 lbs of fishing weights, various rope , downriggers.App. 200 pocket books, hardcover books, vintage magazines, app. 200- 's Mustang magazines. .Antique tools,antique steam / pressure gauges, vintage and antique electronics,tube tester,,new toys,vintage small collectibles - like pin buttons, cloth patches.,vintage calendars,vintage flour bags,newer metal signs, vintage military tunics and a whole lot more. .Wanting to sell in large lots at discounted price.Also have folding tables.Phone ONLY if your interested for further info. 250-715-